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Kirton michael j s m de ciantis and r m mccarthy 1985

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Unformatted text preview: ganizations. Applied Psychological Measurement 2, no. 4:563–70. Kiel, Joan M. 1999. Reshaping Maslow’s hierarchy of needs to reflect today’s educational and managerial philosophies. Journal of Instructional Psychology 26, no. 3:167–68. Kirton, Michael J. 1976. Adapters and innovators: A description and a measure. Journal of Applied Psychology 61:622–29. ———. 1978. Field dependence and adaption-innovation theories. Perceptual and Motor Skills 47, no. 3, pt. 2:1239– 45. 261 262 Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory ———. 1980. The Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory: A reply to Mulligan and Martin. Psychological Reports 46, no. 3, pt. 1:950. ———. 1984. Adapters and innovators: Cognitive styles and personality. Occupational Research Centre Working Paper, Hatfield Polytechnical School, London. ———. 1985a. KAI Report Back Form. Author. ———. 1985b. Adapters, innovators, and paradigm consistency. Psychological Reports 57, no. 2:487–90. ———. 1989. Cognitive style and alcoholics: A comment on Robertson et al. Psychological Reports 65, no. 2:456–58. ———. 1989b. Adapters and innovators: Styles of creativity and problem solving. London: Routledge. ———. 1992. A velvet comment on the level-style debate. Studia-Psychologica 34, nos. 4–5:399– 401. Kirton, Michael J., and S. M. De Ciantis. 1986. Cognitive style and personality: The Kirton AdaptionInnovation and Cattell’s sixteen personality factor inventories. Personality and Individual Differences 7:141– 46. Kirton, Michael J., S. M. De Ciantis, and Sean Hammond. 1980. Levels of self-actualization of adapters and innovators. Psychological Reports 46, no. 3, pt. 2:1321–22. Kirton, Michael J., S. M. De Ciantis, and R. M. McCarthy. 1985. Personal and group estimates of the Kirton Inventory scores. Psychological Reports 57, no. 3, pt. 2:1067–70. Koppel, Jonathon G. S. 1999. The challenge of administration by regulation: Preliminary findings regarding the U.S. go...
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