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Unformatted text preview: tor Skills 74, no. 2:491–97. Foxall, Gordon R., and Adrian Payne. 1989. Adapters and innovators in organizations: A cross-cultural study of the cognitive styles of managerial functions and subfunctions. Human Relations 42, no. 7:639– 49. Bobic and Davis A Kind Word for Theory X Foxall, Gordon R., Adrian F. Payne, and Deborah A. Walters. 1992. Adaptive-innovative cognitive styles of Australian managers. Australian-Psychologist 27, no. 2:118–22. Furnham, Adrian. 1990. Faking personality questionnaires: Fabricating different profiles for different purposes. Current Psychology Research and Reviews 9, no. 1:46–55. Gabor, Andrea. 2000. The capitalist philosophers. New York: Times Business. Goble, Frank. 1970. The third force: The psychology of Abraham Maslow. New York: Pocket. Goldsmith, Ronald E. 1984. Personality characteristics associated with adaption-innovation. Journal of Psychology 117, no. 2:159–65. ———. 1985. Adaption-innovation and cognitive complexity. Journal of Psychology 119, no. 5:461–67. ———. 1986a. Convergent validity of four innovativeness scales. Educational and Psychological Measurement 46, no. 1:81–87. ———. 1986b. Personality and adaptive-innovative problem solving. Journal of Social Behavior and Personality 1, no. 1:95–106. ———. 1987. Creative level and creative style. British-Journal-of-Social-Psychology 26, no. 4:317–23. Goldsmith, Ronald E., and Timothy Matherly. 1986. The Kirton Adaption-Innovation Inventory, faking, and social desirability: A replication and extension. Psychological Reports 58, no. 1:269–70. Groves, David L., Harvey Kahalas, and David L. Erickson. 1975. A suggested modification of Maslow’s needs hierarchy. Social Behavior and Personality 3, no. 1:65–68. Hamermesh, Daniel S. 2001. The changing distribution of job satisfaction. Journal of Human Resources 36:1–30. Hammond, Sean M. 1986. Some pitfalls in the use of factor scores: The case of the Kirton AdaptionInnovation Inventory....
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