Behavior symmetry of firms would be high transfer of

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Unformatted text preview: under condition that Nestlé sells Vichy, Thonon, Pierval, St. Yorre to third party. capacity capacity of 20% in total of Nestlé/Perrier and BSN together – even though individual market shares of these brands not very high. very However, However, our analysis reveals that merger should have been denied as tacit collusion is likely after some time due to industry characteristics characteristics 62 62 Conclusion Also: Also: Fact that Nestlé and BSN directly reacted through common agreement when an outsider (IFINT) tried to enter an clear signal of coordination between them Incumbents Incumbents were already tacitly colluding and entry would have broken this stability and The transfer of Volvic to BSN only The worsened matters due to increased symmetry. symmetry. 63 63...
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