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Texture- The way a surface looks and feels, such as smooth, rough, or bumpy. Texture is an element of art. The illusion of an artwork’s surface quality. It can be touched (tactile), and seen (visual), may be natural such as soil or sand or synthetic such as glass or cloth. Line and color can simulate texture. Everything around you has a different feeling to them, while your shirt and clothing may be made out of a soft cotton the bark of a tree has a rough uneven surface and the tiled fountain is smooth with sharp edges. In painting or drawing texture is the representation of the surface quality of the
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Unformatted text preview: object being drawn. If the surface of the object is smooth like skin then a soft evenly blended texture is needed. A surface that is rough like sandpaper requires a scratchy uneven texture. Texture can be simulated by using various kinds of lines, colors, media and surfaces. Step 1: Take a piece of paper and fold it into 6 Step 2: Take the paper off of a crayon. Step 3: Go out and find 6 different surfaces to get a rubbing of. Step 4: Compare the surfaces....
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