Glycine is one amino acid that is often found to be

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Unformatted text preview: (kilo Dalton) that is composed of two equal length α- helical domains. How many Angstroms long is each α- helix? Each α -helix is ~22 kD with 200 amino acids 22 kD / 0.11 kD) = 200 AA Length of each α -helix: 200 AA x 1.5 Angstroms (Å)/AA = 300 Å 5. Comparisons among the primary amino acid sequences of related proteins from different organisms highlights highly conserved amino acids. Conserved amino acids are retained through evolutionary time because these residues are important for protein function. Glycine is one amino acid that is often found to be highly conserved. Provide an explanation for this observation based on your understanding of glycine’s structure. 6. 7. 8. 9. The lack of a true side chain on the alpha-carbon allows glycine to fit into a small space in a protein. It may be impossible to put a different amino acid with an R-group (especially a bulky one) in the same position and retain the 3-dim...
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