Since leu is the most hydrophobic least hydrophilic

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Unformatted text preview: ed on the amino acid structures provided on the last page, identify groups in a protein that can form electrostatic bonds with an arginine side chain at pH 7. The R group of arginine is positively charged, thus can interact with the negatively charged R groups of aspartic acid, glutamic acid and the terminal carboxylate. Arrange four amino acids, alanine (A), leucine (L), serine (S) and lysine (K), in a descending order from the most to the least hydrophilic. In a protein working in aqueous environment, which one of these amino acids is most likely hidden in the interior of this protein? Explain your answer. Lys (positively charged) Ser (with an OH but not charged) Ala (short hydrophobic chain) Leu (long hydrophobic chain). Since Leu is the most hydrophobic (least hydrophilic) amino aci...
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