BIO 2960 HW 3

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Unformatted text preview: induced? The major protein in hairs is α - keratin. Disulfide bonds (- S- S- ) in a- keratin can be broken by the addition of reducing agents, making hairs more flexible. The disulfide bonds can then be reformed by oxidation to fix the shape of a- keratin (and also the hairs). This is how hair curling process works. A plasma membrane sodium/glucose symport is able to transport glucose into the cell against a concentration gradient, yet it is not an ATPase. Explain how this can happen. There is sodium concentration gradient with its high end outside the cell. Sodium ions flow into the cell via this symport releasing energy to support the transport of glucose into the cell against concentration gradient. The sodium concentration gradient is established by a nearby sodium pump using energy from the hydrolysis of ATP. Describe three ways that water molecules can pass through biological membranes. i. Pass through the bilayer (small, high concentration, non- charged although polar) ii. Accompanying ions passing through chan...
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