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Education- Textbook Quiz - 1 Desire to work with children...

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1. - Desire to work with children and young people - A passion for teaching/subject matter - Desire to Serve 2. Desire to work with children and young people. 3. Flexible schedule - Good benefits - Summers Off - Good Hours - In demand (always needed) 4. 3 Challenges of teaching - Assessing students learning - Students behavior - Social problems that impact students - Long working Hours and job stress 5. - Public Trust - Teacher Competency and Effectiveness - Teacher Accountability 6. 1) Self Knowledge- knowing yourself 2) Essential knowledge of students 3) Essential knowledge of the subject 4) Knowledge of educational theory and research 7. 3 ways to gain practical experience for teaching - Classroom Experiences - Student Teaching - Gaining Experiences in Multicultural Settings - Induction and Internship Programs - Substitute Teaching 8. A professional portfolio is one way of assessing whether teachers have met the high standards for board certification. Teacher education programs at a lot of universities also use portfolios as one mean of assessing the competencies of candidates for teacher certification. Also many school districts are beginning to ask applicants to submit portfolios that document their effectiveness as teachers. 9. 1) Self-Assessment for Professional Growth Self-Assessment is a necessary first step in pursuing opportunities for professional growth. 2) Teacher Workshops The quality of in-service workshops is uneven, varying with the size of school district budgets and the imagination and knowledge of the administrators
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10. Educational Philosophy- a set of ideas and beliefs about education that guide the professional behavior of educators. 11. 1) Perennialism
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Education- Textbook Quiz - 1 Desire to work with children...

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