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Unformatted text preview: try, the government is leaning more towards a free market economy. Because of the political system in China, the country relies on “exports and investment for economic growth, and more on domestic consumption that can be sustained.” Land is eroding, pollution is affecting the environment throughout the country, and water loss has become an extreme issue in China. Hainan is being hit by all of these environmental issues that are directly influenced by the economy in China. Because China is one of the world’s biggest exporters, the environment is being polluted in order to export goods. Rural to urban migration in China has led environmental issues as well, because more land is being used for cities rather than farmland. In Hainan, forests are being cut down in order to construct tourist attractions, hotels, and other buildings that have taken away space for natural inhabitants. Military installations have also affected the area and during World War II, the U.S. had an important military base located in Hainan. Military installations contaminate the environment with “solvents and corrosives; paint strippers and thinners; metals, such as lead, cadmium, and chromium; pesticides and pesticide residue; and unique military substances, such as nerve agents and unexploded ordnance.” These dangerous chemicals are running off into the water and contributing to long­term damage. Overtime, Hainan became a tourist attraction and a destination for many people looking for a “Hawaii” in China. Foreign tourists come to Hainan for “beaches, warm winters, good food, Portuguese colonial buildings, outgoing people and markets with live cobras and sea turtles. Gibbons, parrots and other wild animals that once filled the forest are now largely gone.” Deforestation and construction have taken place, which have greatly impacted the environment in negative ways. After wiping out most of its forests, Hainan lost many of its wild sp...
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