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Unformatted text preview: ecies that were once inhabited in the area. Hotels, resorts, unfinished gambling dens, condiminiums, and apartment buildings were built. Only eight percent of the forests remain and chemicals from shrimp farms pollute the water. Boats and ships dump waste (engine exhaust and oil spills) into the ocean and overfishing is exploiting and depleting species, which overall, is affecting the ecosystem in our oceans. Raw materials for this product come from soybeans, recycled raw material, and plastic. This planner uses a soy­based ink, which is good for the environment. This soy­ based ink comes from soybeans, which are native to China and farmed locally. The soybeans are taken to the Yongfa Printing Factory located in Haikou, Hainan China. After the ink is made, it is transported to the Blue Sky Print Factory in Hainan. The PCW recycled paper comes from consumer waste. This waste could be from chips and sawdust from lumber mills, recycled paper, and other recycled waste. The plastic is an important part of creating this planner comes from factories in China that produce plastic products. Once the planner is assembled in Hainan, it is transported back to the U.S. where people all across the country consume this product. The laborers who work for the factory are paid anywhere from $.23 to $1 per hour. They work on average, over sixty hours per week. The product is distributed to thousands of destinations across the U.S. to FedEx offices, Office Depot, Target, and Office max. People who live near these stores looking for a planner consume this product. These people could be students in middle school, high school, or college. People with busy careers...
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