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Unformatted text preview: ot even afford to bring lunch. If these employees were to miss one of their shifts, they would most likely be fired, which is not an option considering these people need to pay for their rent and basic commodities for themselves and their families. After refusing to seek medical help because of her fear of losing her job, Holly finally manages to finally get one day off to see a doctor. In Minnesota, Barbara finds that it is extremely difficult to find a job. The process is long and exhausting, and is especially difficult for those who have children because they have to worry about day care. The application process is expensive and involves driving to multiple places in order to pick up or drop off an application. A drug test is required as well, which takes hours to complete. Ehrenreich applies to Walmart as a divorced woman and finds that because of her marital status, it is more difficult to land a job. Ultimately, she ends up receiving the job at Walmart, but her wage is so small that she can hardly afford anything other than her house payment. She has to depend on fast food in order to keep up her stamina, because she cannot afford to purchase any other type of food. The...
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