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Unformatted text preview: the race. Those who have more money, or at least enough to support themselves are further ahead in the race, but the people living at minimum wage are constantly having to catch up. Many people are not meeting the living wage and are suffering financially. Living wage is the necessary income that people need in order to survive throughout their lives. This means that people need a certain amount of money per month in order to provide food for themselves and their families, purchase clothing, and having a roof over their heads. The living wage in Santa Rosa is $10.69 for an adult, $22.69 for an adult and a child, $26.31 for an adult and two children, and the living wage continues to rise as the number of children each adult has increases. Healthcare support is $13.37 in Rohnert Park, which adds on to expenses. ( The government promotes living wage by “promoting social justice in society.” ( Businesses are asked to “pay their employees a living wage—a wa...
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