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Unformatted text preview: days at Walmart go by extremely slow because every day is almost exactly the same as the day before. Minimum wage workers are not lazy people. They work just as hard as any other person, if not, even harder due to working conditions. At one point, Ehrenreich states, “They don’t cut you no slack. You give and you give, and they take.” (22) These workers are treated extremely poorly by their management and Ehrenreich experiences this treatment in Florida while she worked at the restaurant. The managers of the restaurant did not care about their employees or even their customers. They sat around all day, while the waiters and waitresses were on their feet for hours with no breaks. If anything, managers and business owners are more lazy than their employees. Personally, I have never lived on this level of insecurity, but it is unbelievable to me that people are working for $2.15 an hour in order to feed their families and put a roof over their heads. In America, the belief is that anyone who works hard can get ahead. In my opinion, it is difficult to believe that this saying justifies for those who are born into poverty. Money helps pay for education, food, and shelter. Without these basic needs, a person is left behind in...
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