21 pp54 57 brislin r w and liu j f 2004 intercultural

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Unformatted text preview: Spring, No.21, pp.54-57. Brislin, R. W. and Liu, J. F., 2004. Intercultural Communication, Contact, and International Business Assignments. The Psychology of Ethnic and Cultural Conflict: Psychological Dimensions to War and Peace. Lee, Y.-T., Greenwood Publishing Group, Westport, Conn. Burbles, N. C. and Rice, S., 1991. Dialogue across differences: continuing the conversation, Harvard Educational Review, Vol.61, pp. 242. Burns, J. M., 1978. Leadership, Harper & Row, New York. Caupin, G., Knopfel, H., Morris, P., Motzel, E. and Pannerbacker, O., 1999. IPMA Competence Baseline, International Project Management Association, Germany. Clarke, C. C. and Lipp, G. D., 1998. Conflict resolution for contrasting cultures. (Cover story). American Society for Training & Development, pp. 20. Coleman, P. T., 2000. Power and Conflict. The Handbook of Conflict Resolution - Theory and Practice. Deutsch, M. and Coleman, P. T., Jossey-Bass, San Francisco. Fernandez, J., Ed. 1991. The Theory of Tropes in Anthropology, Stanford University Press Stanford. Greenberg, J., 2001. Studying organizational Justice Cross-Culturally: Fundamental Challenges., International Journal of Conflict Management, Vol.12, No.4, pp. 365. Menu Go Back Next Page Grisham, T., 2005. Cross Cultural Leadership Research Preparation, Melbourne Australia. Gudykunst, W. B., Ting-Toomey, S. and Wiseman, R. L., 1991. Designing a course on Intercultural Communications, Communication Education, Vol.40, pp.51. Gurevitch, Z. D., 2001. The Power of Not Understanding - The meeting of Conflicting Identities. The Conflict and Culture Reader. Chew, P. K., New York University Press, New York. Jehn, K. A., 1995. A Multimethod Examination of the Benefits and Detriments of Intragroup Conflict., Administrative Science Quarterly, Vol.40, No.2, pp. 256-282. Johnston, A., 1995. Thinking About Strategic Culture, International Security, Vol.19, No.4, pp. 20. Kellogg, K. C., Orlikowski, W. J. and Yates, J., Enacting new Ways of Organizing: Exploring the Activities and Consequences of Post-I...
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