As can be seen there are many differing approached to

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Unformatted text preview: As can be seen there are many differing approached to describing and managing conflict, a model for describing conflict has been developed by the authors, called the hourglass model (see Figure 1). The lenses of the hourglass model start with knowledge, progress through diagnosis, and then intervention. From the intervention will flow lessons, through diagnosis again, and extend knowledge. For example, as knowledge is consulted there will be a possible recognition that more information is required and therefore some diagnosis may be required. Following this same approach there may be a need to engage (subtle intervention) in preliminary dialogue to facilitate the diagnosis and knowledge. The size of the ellipses represents the amount of time that should be applied to each of the lens. On the output side, lessons are learned and they need to be diagnosed, and then the knowledge base can be increased - this could be from an individual to an institutional perspective. Knowledge Diagnosis Intervention Hourglass Model Con Con flict Lessons Diagnosis Knowledge Figure 1 Hourglass Model It is suggested that the model be applied using a preventive approach, but it may be utilized just as well in a responsive way. The key is that the acquisition of knowledge and diagnosis of the conflict are the most important lenses. Many conflicts occur from a lack of understanding or a failure of communications. Both of which can be moderated by increasing the knowledge and diagnosis prior to a formal or structured intervention. The acquisition of knowledge and the diagnosis of conflict usually require, amongst other competencies, those of communication and negotiation. Communication Menu Go Back Next Page To communicate is to share or exchange information or emotion (Oxford 2002), and communication is the action of communicating (Oxford 2002). Communication spans all lenses of the conflict hourglass model. Communication competencies that can be used to manage or resolve conflict are wide ranging, and require the PM to be able to listen effectively and actively. The PM must...
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