Conclusion conflict is inevitable within a project

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Unformatted text preview: agreements. Conclusion: Conflict is inevitable within a project, should it be positive or negative, and with the assistance of the hourglass model it is possible to approach conflict with some semblance of order. The need for a PM to be able to communicate well and negotiate, both within the confines of conflict, and outside these confines highlights that these competencies are important for project managers. The NCSPM though one of the major competency based standards in the world for PM does not focus on any of these areas of competency with any depth. The usefulness and need for such competencies have been established in this paper. Menu Go Back Next Page Many of the competencies identified for conflict management, communication and negotiation are complementary or overlapping. The authors contend that the NCSPM for completeness needs to increase the competencies addressed in the areas of conflict management, communications and negotiations. Menu Go Back Next Page References: ANTA, 2004. BSB01 Business Services Training Package Project Management Competency Standards. Version 4, Australian National Training Authority. Augsburger, D. W., 1992. Conflict Mediation Across Cultures - Pathways & Patterns, Westminster John Knox Press, Louisville. Avruch, K., 1998. Culture & Conflict Resolution, United States Institute of Peace Press, Washington. Avruch, K., 1998. Introduction: Culture and Conflict Resolution. Conflict Resolution Cross-cultural Perspectives. Avruch, K., Black, P. W. and Scimecca, J. A., Praeger, Westport. Barber, C. S. and Tietje, B. C., 2004. Competency requirements for managerial development in manufacturing, assembly, and/or material processing functions, Journal of Management Development, Vol.23, No.6, pp.596-607. Benedict, R., 1946. The Chrysanthemum and the Sword, Houghton Mifflin, Boston. Blake, R. R. and Mouton, J. S., 1964. The Managerial Grid, Gulf Publishing, Houston. Bolden, R., 2005. The face of true leadership, European Business Forum, Vol....
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