Each of these issues will need careful negotiations

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Unformatted text preview: these issues will need careful negotiations by the PM if they are to be managed. Negotiating skills are therefore an essential feature for any successful PM, as a tool on its own and as a tool to manage conflict. A PM is often called upon to exercise tactful negotiation skills in the course of interpersonal conflict management situations. Almost every issue of significance during the course of a project will likely require varying degrees of negotiation techniques for resolution. Good negotiation involves lots of homework, and teamwork. Team members engage in negotiating agreements about client projects around different interests and values by sharing information and expertise, attempting to influence others to adopt their own point of view, and making intermediate and non-binding compromises regarding the work. Such negotiation involves an elaborate series of interactions in which members support their own position and critique others. Menu Go Back Next Page A thorough grasp of the problem at hand, and the contractual, technical and commercial ramifications associated need to be well analysed by the PM. This is essential to take positions that are consistent with facts, and the situations at hand. Clear thinking is needed to formulate the strategy to sell this position to the other party, which is the next step in the art of negotiations. Once a strategy is established, facts that support the position should assimilated in an easily comprehensible manner for presentation in the negotiations. It should always be remembered that the other party has also come for negotiation and as such would be having equally strong counter arguments to support their position. Sebenius (2004) emphasizes that in a complex situation it is important to develop a framework for understanding when and how to talk to each player within the negotiation. He suggests the route of mapping backward where you envision your preferred outcome and enact the negotiation process in reverse order. This will he...
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