The american standard has one reference to contract

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Unformatted text preview: The American standard has one reference to contract negotiations; and the ICB has three references: determining negotiation procedures; carrying out negotiations, and, the PM having the aptitude, power, energy and endurance to carry through with negotiations. Conflict management competencies are also only covered in the American and ICB standards and includes: reducing conflict within project teams; not hiding or avoiding conflict, but facilitating resolution; identifying the social behaviour reflected in conflict situations; supporting the creation of healthy argumentative cultures, and being able to find consensus with others; aiming for win-win situations; and reacting coolly to personal attacks and forgiving such attacks. To round out this investigation of leadership competencies a review of other studies (Barber and Tietje 2004; Tas and LaBrecque 1996; Strang Accessed 2005; Weinkauf and Hoegl 2002) of competencies identified a list of further leadership conflict, negotiation and communication competencies. This list of communication competencies relates almost exclusively to the personal attributes of the PM. These may be summarized as: Display assertive leadership Display responsiveness management Display interpersonal skills Be decisive Display social skills Be fluent in speaking Be diplomatic Be tactful Be persuasive Be persistent Secure information flow Resolve conflicts Coach and develop the team Give feedback This investigation has identified that a project manager is required to be competent in a great number of areas related to communication, negotiation and conflict management, that have not yet been addressed within the NCSPM. As communication and negotiation can be considered as competencies also required for conflict management, a brief overview of conflict management, including practical competencies required is presented below. Conflict Management It is critical that a leader have the ability to understand the sources of conflict, recognize conflict early, manage conflict, and do this in a constructive way that pulls people together....
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