The possibilities for conflict are greater in such

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Unformatted text preview: The possibilities for conflict are greater in such environments, and PM’s must have sufficient competencies to lead in such situations. This paper will reflect on three complementary leadership competencies that are addressed in world wide competency standards, that of, conflict management, negotiation, and effective communication, which are not believed to be well represented in the National (Australian) Menu Go Back Next Page Competency Standards for Project Management (NCSPM). These competencies have been found by the authors to be most useful in practicing project management. To manage conflict a PM must understand the basics of negotiation theory and effective communications. This paper discusses some recognized negotiation techniques, and useful communications skills that will enhance the ability of a PM to be more effective not only in conflict management, but also in many aspects of Project Management. Competencies According to the Oxford English Dictionary to lead is to cause a person to go with one or to influence to do or believe in something, and a leader is a person that leads (Oxford 2002). In business, leaders are able to induce or influence others to follow to achieve organizational objectives (Burns 1978). Weinkauf and Hoegl (2002) and Wang et al. (2005) identify leaders as those people that can manage others and their attitudes, stress, emotions and bureaucracy, for the purpose of achieving goals. Bolden (2005), like Seltzer and Bass (1990) see leadership as contextually-situated, and able to become the model of behaviour that engenders follower commitment. Part of any PM’s role as a leader is to manage conflict, and to do this a PM must be able to negotiate and communicate effectively. To identify what conflict management, negotiation and communication competencies a PM requires, the Australian National Competency Standard for Project Management (NCSPM), standard was investigated. The NCSPM (ANTA 2004) is one of the most widely recognized and referenced project management standards that is based on the nine areas of the American Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) (PMI 2001a)...
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