Though there is no defined set of competencies for

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Unformatted text preview: . Though there is no defined set of competencies for leadership in this standard there is significant coverage of communication competencies for PM’s, and limited coverage of conflict management and negotiation. The NCSPM focuses on the mechanics of communication within a project, that is the planning and sharing of project information, and assessment of communication outcomes. The only reference to negotiation within the NCSPM is that of contract negotiations No other competencies are mentioned for the various other types of negotiation. Conflict is covered in greater detail, with the establishment of procedures for conflict resolution, the management of inter and intra project conflict, the reduction of client conflict, management of the resolution of contract conflict, and the escalating of conflict issues to senior personal. An investigation of other PM competency standards was undertaken to identify if those standards covered these three areas of competency in greater detail. There are four other widely referenced PM competency standards or guidelines, these are the: European standard, ICB Competency Baseline(Caupin et al. 1999); the American standard, Project Manager Competency Development Framework (PMI 2001b); the Japanese standard, A guidebook of Project and Program Management for Enterprise Innovation (PMCC 2002); and, the South African standard, the National Certificate in Project Management (SAQA 2002). When looking at communications competencies, they are very similar to that in the Australian standards, though some of these other standards do have more competencies focused on meetings, workshops, negotiations, time reporting and product or marketing communications. Menu Go Back Next Page The American standard has a sizable number of personal attributes described, including leadership and communication competencies such as: understanding and using influence at an individual, project and organisational level; building and maintaining relationships; and listening and responding positively to others....
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