Part ii based on video lecture timers and counters

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Unformatted text preview: II: Based on video lecture: “Timers and Counters – Part 1” Problem 2. What is the difference between a timer and counter within the context of this course? Problem 3. Write the code to set up (initialize) TIMER0, so an interrupt is being generated every 0.7msec! Problem 4. Given the initialization in Problem 3, write an Interrupt Service Routine (ISR) that toggles the LED connected to pin RC4. 1 PART III: Based on video lecture: “Timers and Counters – Part 2” Problem 5. Given the following circuit: Suppose we want to write a program that toggles the red LED every 30 pushes of the push button and toggles the green LED every 60 pushes (= 2*30 pushes) of the pus...
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