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assignment04_fall2013 - EE3954 Microprocessors and...

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1 EE3954 Microprocessors and Microcontrollers Assignment #4 ( due: Monday October 28, 2013 end-of-the-day ) PART I: Based on lecture notes on Interrupts Problem 1. a) Suppose the microcontroller is used to service three interrupts: one for TIMER1 , one for ADC, and one for a PORTB on-change. Suppose the interrupt service routines for these three interrupts are called ISR_T1, ISR_ADC, and ISR_ PORTB, respectively. Write the lines of code that makes the microcontroller select the right ISR in the event of an interrupt. You do NOT have to initialize the interrupts! org 0x000 b) What are the minimum three tasks you do need to perform in any Interrupt Service Routine (ISR)? PART II: Based on video lecture: “Timers and Counters – Part 1” Problem 2. What is the difference between a timer and counter within the context of this course? Problem 3. Write the code to set up (initialize) TIMER0, so an interrupt is being generated every 0.7msec!
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