55 code main loop interrupt service routine main

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Unformatted text preview: 0’ ADCON1 ; Configure ADC via ADCON1 STATUS, RP1 PIR1, ADIF ; Clear the ADIF flag (bit 6) STATUS,RP0 ; Access bank 1 PIE1, ADIE ; Enable AADC interrupt STATUS, RP0 ; Access bank 0 INTCON, PEIE ; Enable peripheral interrupts INTCON, GIE ; Enable global interrupts ADC.55 Code Main Loop & Interrupt Service Routine MAIN AD_ISR: *GO/DONE = 0 … call bsf goto … movf movwf movf movwf call bsf bcf retfie DELAY ADCON0,2 MAIN ; Wait for TACQ ; Start conversion (set GO) ADRESH,W TEMPH ADRESL,W TEMPL DELAY ADCON0,2 PIR1, ADIF ; Read A/D result (high byte) ; Write to TEMPH ; Read A/D result (low byte) ; Write to TEMPL ; Wait for TACQ ; Start conversion (set GO) ; Clear the interrupt ADC.56 ADC VDD An Example … with Push-button RA5/AN4 RA1/AN1 Vss PIC16F877 NOTE that in this case RA5 is a DIGITAL input and RA1 is an ANALOG input ADC.57 INIT_ADC: movlw movwf bsf movlw movwf movlw movwf bcf B’01001001’ ADCON0 ; Configure ADC via ADCON0 STATUS, RP0 ; Access bank 1 B’10000100’ ADCON1 ; Configure ADC via ADCON1 B’11111111’ ; Configure RA5 as an input pin TRISA STATUS, RP1 ADC.58...
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