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Katie Comerford English 102 Dr. Frusciante 2/01/2008 When I first read Her First Ball I could feel the excitement and innocence in Leila’s eyes. The feeling of a first dance along with your first anything is like no other, your eyes pop out of your head and you try to take mental pictures of every little detail each of which seems magical. As much as she wanted to seem grown up and mature she stuck right out, the old fat man could see it as soon as she started dancing. She was enthusiastic about everything right down to the very floor they danced on. But as soon as what being grown up was revealed to her, and what the repetition of ball after ball feels
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Unformatted text preview: like she wanted it to be taken back. It was like it was ruined for her, like a child finding out that Santa Claus is not real. Similar to Leila, Connie in Where are you Going, Where have you Been was in a rush to grow up but as soon as Arnold Friend was interested she realized that she was just a child and not ready for that kind of relationship. It is very important not to rush things in that aspect. Both stories in a way show young girls in a rush to grow up and soon come to realize the importance of acting your age....
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