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Caitlin Wood Advertising and Promotion Professor Johnson Chap 1 HW assignment 1) National advertising is advertising done by large companies on a nationwide basis. The first ad campaign that came to my mind was Target’s “Hello, Good-buy” ads. The spoof off of the Beatle’s hit is everywhere: commercials, magazine ads, subway posters, and largely in our neighborhood through the giant billboards in Time Square. I think this is an example of a National ad because it is throughout the entire country, as Target is a nationwide corporation. 2) Local retail ads are advertising done by retailers or local merchants to encourage consumers to shop at a specific store. My example is a coupon found in our campus clipper for “St. Mark’s Market”.
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Unformatted text preview: It is a local ad because it is trying to encourage students to shop at the only location, making it one specific store. 3) Primary demand advertising is designed to stimulate demand for the general product class or entire industry. I think “Got Milk?” ads are a good example of this. They don’t specify a particular store or brand; they just market the benefits of milk. This stimulates demand in the class and industry. 4) A trade ad is targeted to marketing channel members such as wholesalers, distributors, and retailers. Unfortunately I could not find an example, even after searching in our library....
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