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Unformatted text preview: that are needed to complete the project and make it sustainable. o Documentation for changes in the organizations IT infrastructure and the mail system itself. o Training materials for staff on the setup and use of the email with their BYOD. Project Risks – a list of items that may negatively impact successful completion of our goals and deliverables. o Staff loses time and is frustrated over the new system. o Loss of old email that can negatively impact a court case. o The project isn’t completed within the current term. Resources – this is a list of people, equipment, facilities, funding, information sources. o GoogleApps web site o Students in the class o Internet sites found through a search engine or references o Instructor o Stakeholders from the organization o AD server o Microsoft Outlook Individual Tasks – what steps or activities do we initially know we need to complete. These tasks may expand as we get additional information. The initial list may be in any order and doesn’t necessary show dependencies. o Research...
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