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Org domain o resource pool of surplus email accounts

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Unformatted text preview: They are comprised of lawyers, a Director, paralegals and many volunteers. They have done some initial research and found that they would need to purchase additional accounts if they were to expand their current system. The demand for their legal services has grown in the few last months so they had added additional staff, and volunteers. Since they are so busy, minimizing the disruption to the office is very important, as is the importance of not loosing any historic information found in their current accounts. Decomposition We need to process all the information so that we can then research anything we don’t know and then clarify any questions. So the next step it to define the information we have: • • • • • Goal(s) – change email supplier from COX Communications to Gmail and Google Apps. Successful completion MUST include: o No loss of historical data o Continuation of .org domain o Resource pool of surplus email accounts for growth Deliverables – list of items...
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