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Unformatted text preview: e a calculator with text storage capability only if you can demonstrate that the RAM memory has been cleared. 6. Electronic dictionaries may not be used on the exam. If you have a question about vocabulary you can raise your hand and ask, but we cannot help you if the vocabulary was used in the class notes. 7. Fill in the scantron as you go. You may not bubble in the scantron after time has expired. 8. I am happy to answer your questions about the course material, but once I leave my office with the exams, I will not take any further questions. There are two reasons for this. First, I need to focus on getting everything set up for the exam on time. Second, it is awkward to be taking questions about test material when I am a few moments away from handing out the test booklets. So, if you have a question, do not wait until I am in the classroom with the exam books to ask it. 9. Your test score will equal [(raw score)/30] x 110....
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