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Unformatted text preview: mogeneity and Metropolitan Suicide Rates.” Social Forces 76:273–99. Ellison, Christopher G., John P. Bartkowski, and Kristin L. Anderson. 1999. “Are There Religious Variations in Domestic Violence?” Journal of Family Issues 20:87–113. Eshleman, J. Ross. 1994. The Family: An Introduction (7th ed.). Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Glenn, Norval and Michael Supancic. 1984. “The Social and Demographic Correlates of Divorce and Separation in the United States: An Update and Reconsideration.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 46:563–75. Glenn, Norval and Beth Ann Shelton. 1985. “Regional Differences in Divorce in the United States.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 47:641–52. Glock, Charles, Beth Runger, and Earl Babbie. 1967. To Comfort and Challenge: Dilemma of the Contemporary Church. Berkeley: University of California Press. Guttentag, Marcia and Paul Secord. 1983. Too Many Women? The Sex Ratio Question. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Hargrove, Barbara. 1983. “The Church, the Family, and the Modernization Process.” Pp. 21–48 in Families and Religion: Conflict and Change in Modern Society, edited by W. D’Antonio and J. Aldous. Beverly Hills, CA: Sage. Heaton, Tim B. 1984. “Religious Homogamy and Marital Satisfaction Reconsidered.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 46:729–33. Heaton, Tim B. and Edith L. Pratt. 1990. “The Effects of Religious Homogamy on Marital Satisfaction and Stability.” Journal of Family Issues 11:191–208. 354 LARRY C. MULLINS ET AL. Herfindahl, Orris. 1950. “Concentration in the Steel Industry.” Ph.D. dissertation. Columbia University, New York. Iannocone, Lawrence R. 1991. “The Consequences of Religious Market Structure: Adam Smith and the Economics of Religion.” Rationality and Society 3:156–77. Larson, L. L. and J. W. Goltz. 1989. “Religious Participation and Marital Commitment.” Review of Religion Research 30:387–400. Lehrer, Evelyn L. and Carmel U. Chiswick. 1993. “Religion as a Determinant of Marital Stability.” Demography 30:385–404. Martin, Teresa Castro and Larry L. Bumpass. 1989. “Recent Trends in Marital Disruption.” Demography 26:37–51. Ortega, Suzanne T., Hugh P. Whitt, and J. Allen Williams Jr. 1988. “Religious Homogamy and Marital Happiness.” Journal of Family Issues 9:224–39. Pavalko, Edward K. and Glenn Elder Jr. 1990. “World War II and Divorce: A Life Course Perspective.” American Journal of Sociology 5:1213–34. Schumm, Walker R., Stephan R. Bollman, and Anthony P. Jurich. 1982. “The ‘Marital Conventionalization’ Argument: Implications for the Study of Religiosity and Marital Satisfaction.” Journal of Psychology and Theology 10:236–241. Shelton, Beth Anne. 1987. “Variations in Divorce Rates by Community Size: A Test of the Social Integration Explanation.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 49:827–32. Sherkat, Darren E. and Christopher G. Ellison. 1999. “Recent Developments and Current Controversies in the Sociology of Religion.” Annual Review of Sociology 25:363–95. South, Scott J. 1985. “Economic Conditions and the Divorce Rate.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 47:31–41. Stacey, Judith. 1990. Brave New Families: Stories of Domestic Upheaval in Late Twentieth Century America. New York: Basic Books. Thomas, Darwin L. 1988. The Religion and Family Connection: Social Science Perspectives. Provo, UT: Religious Studies Center, Brigham Young University. Thomas, Darwin L. and Marie Cornwall. 1990. “Religion and Family in the 1980s: Discovery and Development.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 52:983–92. Trent, Katherine and Scott South. 1989. “Structural Determinants of the Divorce Rate: A CrossSectional Analysis.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 51:391–404. Turner, Bryan. 1991. Religion and Social Theory. 2nd ed. London: Sage. U.S. Bureau of the Census. 1995. Statistical Abstract of the United States, 115th ed. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. ———. 1993. 1990 Census of Population, Social and Economic Characteristics, CP-2 Series. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. ———. 1992a. 1990 Census of Population, General Population Characteristics, C-7 Series. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. ———. 1992b. “Marital Status and Living Arrangements,” Current Population Reports, Series P-20, No.468 (December), p. ix. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. ———. 1991. 1990 Census of Population and Housing, Population and Housing Unit Counts, CPH-2 Series. Washington, DC: U.S. Government Printing Office. Wilson, Bryan. 1982. Religion in Sociological Perspective. New York: Oxford University Press. Wilson, Margaret R. and Erik E. Filsinger. 1986. “Religiosity and Marital Adjustment: Multidimensional Interrelationships.” Journal of Marriage and the Family 48:147–51. Wittberg, Patricia. 1999. “Families and Religions.” Pp. 503–23 in Handbook of Marriage and the Family, edited by M. Sussman, S. K. Steinmetz, and G.W. Peterson. 2nd ed. New York: Plenum Press....
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