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homeostatic overload physiological variable

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Unformatted text preview: d reactive scope Homeostatic failure Time (1 year) while your reactive scope is reduced 10 3/16/2012 Interaction between variables... But our systems are much more complex than just one variable … Can restoring one variable to its normal set point compromise the ability to regulate another? Consider the stress of exercising on a very hot and humid day … Need to defend body core temperature … leads to dilation of vessels in th the skin to dissipate heat. BUT, this further reduces total peripheral di BUT thi resistance (remember the CV lectures!) … leading to a decrease in mean arterial pressure ! So maintaining temperature compromises the ability to regulate blood pressure. yes, homeostatic load is distributed across the CCN (multiple/all homeostatic systems) so for these people who had a reduced reactive scope when these happened 11...
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