This is completely normal sleep deprivation recall it

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Unformatted text preview: is completely normal. sleep deprivation - recall it hyper excites the amygdula Daily variations in set points can also be altered by stress Sleep deprived Control Simon et al., 1998 3 3/16/2012 Set points and stress … Control Minor Brain Injury Ayalon et al., 2007 again less variation in the biological clock- driven set point *is this some kind of protective mechanism? we respond differently to 'long-term' effects of the challenges 4 3/16/2012 Physiological variable Physiological variable Building a new model to understand our responses to stress … reactive scope model Time (1 day) Physiological variable Physiological variable Time (1 week) 0 5 10 15 20 25 30 Time (1 year) Time (1 month) same y-axis - just plotted on different time scales (x-axis) Predictable range… daily predictive range Physiological variable Physiological variable Over a given period of time, there is a predictable range over which a variable will vary this represents variable will vary – this represents a “healthy range” healthy range yearly predictive range Time (1 year) Time (1 day) range of set points in this case, the daily and yearly predictive ranges are the same 5 3/16/2012 Unpredicta...
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