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E a reduced reactive scope this duration could be

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Unformatted text preview: e reactive scope Physiological variable of some Homeostatic failure Homeostatic failure Time (1 day) Time (1 year) while your 'reactive scope' is reduced, disease/sickness/injury is more likely to occur/set in Permanent changes in your reactive scope… Damage from previous stresses may also be permanent, leading to a permanent reduction or impairment in your reactive scope. Think of a hockey player with one too many concussions. Has the reactive scope been reduced? Will the “next one” lead to very th Will th serious, life-altering damage ? This is the point where too many players have had to retire (Eric Lindros, Philadelphia Flyers … way past his prime when a Leaf !). Homeostatic overload Physiological variable challenge Physiological variable Homeostatic overload reduce...
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