Same 5 3162012 unpredictable challenges challenge

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Unformatted text preview: ble challenges… challenge challenge challenge challenge Physiological variable Physiological variable Sudden challenges take us outside the predictive, or “healthy” range. Homeostatic processes are required to bring variable back in range. challenge Time (1 day) Time (1 year) seen in a previous lecture on a 4 month time scale Challenges to the system… Physiological variable contributes to Homeostatic load load on the CCN! Coordinating centre challenge contributes Setpoint Behavior Metabolism to challenge Vascular smooth muscle Time (1 day) Hair smooth muscle Temperature sensors Temperature sensors homeostatic load = total activity of the CCN to bring all homeostatic parameters back to the set point/within the 'predictive range' sometimes called 'allostatic load' 6 3/16/2012 Reactive range and scope … reactive range reactive scope reactive range Time (1 day) *Predictive Physiological variable Physiological variable Reactive range: the range of homeostatic disturbance your body can recover from reactive range reactive scope reactive range Time (1 year) range + reactive range = reactive scope Reactive scope: the total healthy scope an individual can react to. Outside this scope? May or may no...
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