Stroke homeostatic overload reactive scope

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Unformatted text preview: gical variable Homeostatic overload Homeostatic failure reactive scope Homeostatic failure Time (1 day) Time (1 day) Stresses accumulate… High grade fever Low grade fever Low grade fever grade fever + hot day + exercise Physiological variable Homeostatic overload reactive scope Homeostatic failure Time (1 day) heat stroke seizers starve a fever-why? heat eating is a heat generating process- since fever is the new 'norm' body will not be hungry, so no real need to feed 9 3/16/2012 Temporary changes in your reactive scope… While it is possible to recover from cumulative stress outside the reactive scope, there may also be damage the impairs your future ability to cope with stresses i.e. a reduced reactive scope. This duration could be quite variable. Homeostatic overload sort reactive scop...
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