2 the resident microbes digest and absorb what

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Unformatted text preview: igest and absorb what chemicals they can (prebiotics) in a process called fermentation. They produce short chain fatty acids as end products of fermentation. 3. The resident microbes produce some vitamins (vitamin K, some B vitamins) as a by product of their metabolism. Some of their end products can have hormone like activity. 4. The resident microbes produce gases during their digestion and consumption of the ileal chyme. (carbon dioxide, methane, hydrogen sulfide). 5 Newly arriving live microbes (probiotic or other) seek to get a foothold in the microbial ecosystem and multiply. microbes co-operate and compete 7 02/03/2012 2. mucus layer -protects epithelial layer from damage lumen microbes colonic epithelial cells lumen microbes *(they 'talk' to us… and we take 'samples' of who 'they' are…) Gastric Bypass Surgery – More Than Just Reducing the Stomach? morbid obesity Several...
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