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Morbid obesity several different types of bariatric

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Unformatted text preview: different types of bariatric (weight loss) surgery, but the most common are: Roux en Y Procedure: a small pouch is created in the upper stomach and attached directly to the small intestine, bypass most of the stomach and the duodenum Lap Banding Procedure: a silicone band containing saline is placed around the upper stomach. It is placed under the skin and is easily inflated, allowing adjustment allowing adjustment. 2. slimband.com CIBOclinic.com whats the story? BOTH procedures results in 40 50% weight loss within a year of surgery … due only to smaller/restricted stomach? 1. Why the stomach? If we eat to much, and fast our stomach stretches 16 but fat people stretch their stomach so much they don't 'feel' full 8 02/03/2012 Hormonal Changes Associated with Gastric Bypass Surgery • increased PYY levels • decreased ghrelin levels – this also occurs with gastric banding, but possibly to a lesser extent BOTTOM LINE: Changes in key appetite regulating hormones might contribute to the success of gastric bypass surgery 17 what about changes in microbes ?- the track notices and try and assist more 9...
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