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Unformatted text preview: . note: fat is transported via the Lymph until it can safely enter the blood supply 5 02/03/2012 Secretions into the lumen of the small intestine upon the opening of the pyloric sphincter and food (chyme) entering the upper duodenum 1) Bicarbonate from cells in the intestinal epithelium and in pancreatic secretions 2) Digestive enzymes – from the pancreas 3) Bile acids (as bile fluid) – from the liver/gallbladder Digestive enzymes anchored on the luminal surface of small intestine epithelial cells 1) Disaccharidases 2) Amino peptidases *for chemicals to be absorbed from the small intestine it must be soluble in the water-liquid of the lumen 1. polysaccharidases -breaks up polysaccharides disaccharidases - breaks up disaccharides Nutrient Absorption (after digestion) 2. proteases- break up proteins peptid...
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