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Proteases break up proteins peptidases breaks up the

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Unformatted text preview: ases - breaks up the smaller peices 3. lipases breaks down fat, goes into lymphatic system 5. * is there something called paracellular absorption? 4. vitamins minerals (absorption between the cells)? yes 6 02/03/2012 The Large Intestinal Phase of Digestion and Absorption Q: What comes in from the Ileum (ileocecal valve)? A: Ileal chyme ( a chemical and particle rich liquid) Ileocecal Valve • Any unabsorbed nutrients • Hormones and chemical messengers • Soluble fibre (prebiotic) • Insoluble fibre (bulking agent) • Microbes (probiotics and other) • Cellular debris • Excretion products from the liver bile pigments colour the feces brown *food/food supplements? pre biotics and probiotics synbiotics What happens in the large intestine (cecum plus colon)? 1. The colonic epithelium absorbs water and simple ions like sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. 2. The resident microbes d...
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