This cell operates on its own in the small intestine

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Unformatted text preview: trients downstream… 2. this cell operates on its own in the small intestine epithelium 1. this cell is part of a taste bud 3 02/03/2012 salivary hormones promote integrity of this epithelium The Gastric Phase of Digestion and Absorption Secretory cells of the gastric mucosa Gastric mucosa Cell Types Substance Secreted Stimulus for Release Function of Secretion Mucus Opening of gastric gland Mucous neck cell Tonic secretion; with irritation of mucosa Physical barrier between lumen and epithelium Bicarbonate Secreted with mucus Buffers gastric acid to prevent damage to epithelium Gastric acid (HCl) Parietal cells Enterochromaffin like cell Intrinsic factor D cells G cells Activates pepsin; kills bacteria Complexes with vitamin B12 to permit absorption Acetylcholine, gastrin Stimulates gastric acid secretion Acetylcholine; acid, acid secretin Digests proteins Somatostatin Acid in the stomach Inhibits gastric acid secretion Gastrin Acetylcholine, peptides and amino acids Stimulates gastric acid secretion Histamine Pepsin(ogen) Chief cells Acetylcholine, gastrin, histamine Gastric lipase Digests fats 7 Note: digestion of protein and fat, but not carbohydrate in the stomach. alcohol -par...
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