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Unformatted text preview: o! - in response of something else, children especially can have fever of unidentified origin 4 02/02/2012 Wait a minute! The Local Support and Defense System* does a lot more than defend against invading microbes!!!! 1. Pathogen-based immune perspective 1) What about local tissue damage by processes that are not due to infectious microbes? 2) What about normal tissue turnover (cell senescence/ death and regeneration/remodeling)? 3) What about tissue repair and redevelopment in the latter stages of wound healing??? about tissue repair and redevelopment in the latter stages of wound healing??? 4) What about managing the appearance of transformed cell populations? , self recognition? 2. *Like the CCN of which it is a part, the LSDS is always on, always doing multiple tasks. To view the Immune Response, as ‘waiting and watching’ for invaders in the healthy adult is a naïve viewpoint… Q: What is the Local Support and Defense System? We know it is the 4th component of the CCN ; we describe it as: Maintenance and Support System Adaptation and Repair System Resident Defense System Migrant Defense System These are overlapping functions which are best considered from a single perspective… 5 02/02/2012 The parenchymal cells of glands and organs The parenchymal cells of glands or organs are the most prominent cell type in terms of function and (sometimes) mass. The pa...
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