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Information from the central clock is then sent to

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Unformatted text preview: ral clock in the brain. Information from the central clock is then sent to peripheral clocks in a variety organs and tissues. If ‘light’ is the primary zeitgeber of the physiome then the second major zeitgeber is ‘eating/food consumption’. What is the chronobiology/the biological rhythm of eating? exocrine hormones 1. Pheromones override 2. think of a nursing baby and mom Time to eat… systems analysis of the gastrointestinal tract Food in vs. Waste out Perforated tube Sepsis when you get a hole in a tube vs mental illness of the second illness 1 15/02/2012 and generally prevent lumen contents from moving backwards 6 muscular sphincters (valves) partially segregate function in the ‘tube’ Somatic nervous system (voluntary) Autonomic nervous system (involuntary) oral cavity Upper esophageal sphincter esophagus Lower esophageal sphincter stomach small intestine Pyloric sphincter control by the second brain Ileocecal valve large intestine anus Internal anal sphincter External anal sphincter 3 note direction of motility In the simplest sense, the ‘tube’ has … Four Basic Processes*: Motility Secretion Digestion Absorption excretion *These proc...
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