The gastrointestinal microbiome is a subset of the

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Unformatted text preview: tect against pathogenic microbes that enter/reside in the tract. The gastrointestinal microbiome is a subset of the total human microbiome -it is individually unique -does it communicate as an organ like entity? 3 15/02/2012 Thoracic Diaphragm abdominal or peritoneal cavity breathing effects on intestines abdominal vs. clavicular breathing multiple layers of smooth muscle Motility Peristalsis vs. Segmentation Time zero Bolus Direction of movement Receiving segment Contraction Peristalsis • esophagus • one way Seconds later Bolus moves forward No net forward movement Segmentation • small intestine • movement in both directions – allows greater mixing the stomach and large intestine use these in combination 8 4 15/02/2012 Motility – sphincters open and close internal anal sphincter duodenum ileocecal valve or sphincter Diseases and disorders of motility in the GI tract GERD – Gastroesophageal reflux disease Gastroparesis common pyloric sphincter SBBOS Small bowel bacterial overgrowth syndrome ileocecal valve Chron...
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