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What how into the lumen from glands saliva from

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Unformatted text preview: ic constipation common 5 15/02/2012 Secretion – Where? What? How? Into the lumen… From glands saliva from salivary glands, acid from gastric glands From glands : saliva from salivary glands, acid from gastric glands (stomach, bicarbonate from Brunner’s glands (small intestine), pancreatic juice from the exocrine pancreas, bile from the liver From individual cells in the epithelium: mucus secretion from Goblet Cells, defensins from Paneth cells, secretory IgA from specialized epithelial cells. But wait! Gut epithelial cells also secrete paracrine messengers to neighboring cells via the extracellular fluid in the tissue and secrete hormones to enter the bloodstream and travel to distal sites! * there is secretion happening in every direction: and it ranges in size/type from massive movement of water and electrolytes to single hormone secretion 2, 500 ml of blood plasma a lot Secretion – Bulk fluid secretion and fluid flow (24 hour) how much fluid should we take in per day at least the bare minimum what form should we take in? urine most people wi...
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