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Though it is best to take in non caloric drinks 6

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Unformatted text preview: ll take in pop, milk etc but not evaperation just water. though it is best to take in non caloric drinks 6 15/02/2012 Diseases and disorders of secretion in the GI tract Cystic Fibrosis Inflammatory and secretory diarrhea Achlorhydria Xerostomia 1. low acid production or excessive use of antacid drugs* 2.dry mouth: lack of saliva *acid in stomach kills bacteria, so too little acid is bad for you health The Second Brain (Enteric Nervous System) neurohormone * Part of the short reflex pathway of control Part of the long reflex pathway of control its 2 way communication between the brain and the 'second brain' 7 15/02/2012 how do you get butterflies? how do we get rid of them? antidepressants, tranquilizers 8...
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