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Classes should not overlap 2 classes should be the

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Unformatted text preview: the Note: 1. Outlier is correct data point and is a feature of the population. 2. Could be an error and need be corrected. 3. Could come from a different population and can be eliminated. Chapter 2 Chapter 41 Using Graphs & Tables to Describe Using Data Data 2.1 Types of Data 2.2 Frequency Distributions & Histograms for Quantitative Data for 2.3 Tables, Bar Graphs & Pie Charts for Qualitative Data Qualitative 2.4 Time-Series Graphs 2.5 Scatter Diagrams for Paired Quantitative Data Data 2.6 Misleading & Uninteresting Graphs Chapter 2 Chapter 42 Bar Chart for a Simple Table Survey of Drugstore Customers, Cleanliness Ratings Rating Number of Ratings Excellent 20 Good 20 Fair 8 Poor 2 The same information, presented two The different ways different Chapter 2 Chapter 43 Bar Chart for a Simple Table Notice the Notice gaps between the bars bars Chapter 2 Chapter 44 Bar Charts & Pie Charts for a Simple Bar Table Table • Bar charts emphasize the relative sizes of the categories Bar in qualitative data in • Pie charts emphasize the share of the total represented Pie by each category by Chapter 2 Chapter 45 Bar Charts for Contingency Tables • Contingency table has mul...
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