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Unformatted text preview: ime-Series Graphs 2.5 Scatter Diagrams for Paired Quantitative Data Data 2.6 Misleading & Uninteresting Graphs Chapter 2 Chapter 52 Graphs for Paired Quantitative Data • A scatter diagram is a display of paired scatter x-y data points of the form (x, y) x-y • Explanatory variable is observed (sometimes controlled) by the researcher, which is the apparent cause of the change in the response variable in • Response variable changes when explanatory variable changes explanatory • Explanatory variable on x-axis, response Explanatory variable on y-axis variable Chapter 2 Chapter 53 Which is the Which explanatory variable? variable? ↓ ↓ Chapter 2 Chapter 54 Graphs for Paired Quantitative Data • Does it appear Does there is a relationship between the two variables? variables? Chapter 2 Chapter 55 Graphs for Paired Quantitative Data • In a positive relationship, iincreases in ncreases In positive the explanatory variable correspond to increases in the response variable increases • In a negative relationship, iincreases in ncreases In negative the explanatory var...
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