Observe exa02 2a chapter 2 chapter 51 using graphs

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Unformatted text preview: iable correspond to decreases in the response variable decreases Chapter 2 Chapter 56 Using Graphs & Tables to Describe Using Data Data 2.1 Types of Data 2.2 Frequency Distributions & Histograms for Quantitative Data for 2.3 Tables, Bar Graphs & Pie Charts for Qualitative Data Qualitative 2.4 Time-Series Graphs 2.5 Scatter Diagrams for Paired Quantitative Data Data 2.6 Misleading & Uninteresting Graphs Chapter 2 Chapter 57 Misleading & Uninteresting Graphs • Not all graphs are faithful & compelling Not visual representations of data sets visual – Non-Zero Origins • By convention, the starting point (origin) for the xBy and y-axes of any graph is (0,0) and • Any departure from this convention must be clearly Any indicated indicated Chapter 2 Chapter 58 • This • Is really this Chapter 2 Chapter 59 • The zero origin The makes seeing the data points difficult difficult • A non-zero non-zero origin is sometimes preferred, but it must be clearly indicated indicated Chapter 2 C...
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