Variables chapter 2 chapter 55 graphs for paired

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Unformatted text preview: hapter 60 Misleading Graphs • Distorted Images – It is never a good idea to add 3-D effects to a It graph graph Chapter 2 Chapter 61 • In the 3-D In version, it is hard to judge the relative size of the categories of • The non 3-D The version makes comparisons easier easier Chapter 2 Chapter 62 • What is this about? Chapter 2 63 Misleading Graphs • Missing Data – Always check data sources to make sure that Always important data has not been omitted from a graph graph Chapter 2 Chapter 64 • This graph tells This a positive story positive • Until we see all Until of the data of Chapter 2 Chapter 65 • This graph summarizes a lot of data & enables This comparisons comparisons Chapter 2 66 Using Graphs & Tables to Describe Using Data Data 2.1 Types of Data 2.2 Frequency Distributions & Histograms for Quantitative Data for 2.3 Tables, Bar Graphs & Pie Charts for Qualitative Data Qualitative 2.4 Time-Series Graphs 2.5 Scatter Diagrams for Paired Quantitative Data Data 2.6 Misleading & Uninteresting Graphs Chapter 2 Chapter 67...
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