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Laboratory Report Grading Rubric

Uncleartitle usingcitationsintheabstract

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Unformatted text preview: the abstract Abstract too long and detailed No clear hypothesis in the Introduction Information from other papers used without proper citation (Plagiarism results in a 0!!!) Materials and Methods arranged as a list…this is not a cookbook! Data are presented or discussed in the wrong section (i.e. results in the Methods section or discussion of data in the Results section) Wrong units used in the results…always use SI units Discussion doesn’t relate these findings to other works Tables are labeled as Figures and vice‐versa “Graph 1” is used instead of “Figure 1” Vertical lines used in Tables Table and Figure titles not thorough enough…would not stand alone Table titles on bottom or Figure titles on top. The choice of graph type doesn’t best convey the data. Literature improperly cited in the text CSE format is not followed or database information included in the citation Formatting instructions not followed. Poor spelling and grammar used throughout....
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