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Do not postpone this process try to do this the same

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Unformatted text preview: ilable on Carmen before lectures. 2) Ask questions, take notes, and participate in recitation and class. 3) After each class re- read the chapter(s) and Chapter files that are available on Carmen, nconcentrating on the material covered in class, and review your lecture notes. Do not postpone this process; try to do this the same day of or the day after each class. 4) Work as many problems as you can! You will be tested on concepts and details largely in the context of solving organic chemistry problems. Working problems without the aid of the solutions manual is the best way to prepare for quizzes and exams. Work problems from the book and old exams. 5) Study with a small group. 6) See the Organic Chemistry Drop- In Tutors that are available 45 hours per week when you have questions or need help. 7) Do not fall behind! Do not wait until after receiving a disappointing exam score to adopt the above study habits. Basic Principles – Prerequisite Knowledge to pass Chemistry 2520 1. Structure and bonding – orbitals, geometry, Lewi...
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